Taking Flight…


I am in the process of moving my blog, but I wanted to share this image with you guys. I hope to have all my followers moved with me to my real photography site, APN Photography, where I will continue posting my daily shots. So please stop my and give me a like over there, or on  https://www.facebook.com/APNphoto if you enjoyed this post! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! –xoxox  Angela



Gingerbread Houses…

Gingerbread houses are really fun to make at Christmas time. My kids request one every year. No, I don’t make the gingerbread, I just buy a kit and they put it together. I’m cheating but who cares? However, maybe I should start making them because we always want to eat the houses and they taste horrible! I do love that this one came with two little people and a tiny pig.

Shot with my 50mm, ISO 800, ss 1/90 at f 1.8. I didn’t want to see the messy background. If you ever wondered, I shoot everything manual. I like to have full control. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas!

gingerbread house

Mississippi Bridge at Sunset…


I’m not sure if I have ever posted this photo or not. I took this when we were passing through Mississippi on our way to Florida a couple of years ago. We just happened to get there at sunset. I reworked the colors on this in Lightroom and lightened up the bridge a little so the metal is more visible. I really like it. It makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy too. Have a great weekend. Enjoy!

Tower of Pillows…


A moment captured several years ago. I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this one yet, but if I have, well I apologize–it was long before I moved over to WordPress–and if I haven’t then this is a fun one.

I have been gravitating toward this photo for the past couple of weeks. I love all the colors; the crazy amount of pillows we have in this house; and just the memory that my kids were so quiet and cooperative with each other for two hours while the three of them schemed to put this together. When I look at it, I think about the fun they had and the sheer joy of childhood.


Ollie Oop…


We stopped at a skate park on an overnight trip so my son could get his skate on. He likes to visit new parks when given the chance. It is amazing to see his fearlessness; making huge leaps while propelling himself forward on hard concrete…ah youth!

Click the image for a bigger view. This is a composite, of course, of a series of shots of him performing an ollie over some stairs. The photo does not do the height of the stairs justice. He landed it on his third try. Amazing.