New posting…have a great weekend my friends! —Angela


Dried Salvia…

More practice with specular highlights. The hexagonal dots are created by the shape of the aperture. The only way to achieve perfectly round highlights is to shoot at a completely wide open aperture which in my case, would have been 1.8. I like the interest the hexagonal shapes add to the photo. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! –Angela

Aperture priority. 50 mm f1.8, ISO 800 and exposed for 1/180 sec at f8.Dried Salvia

You Highlight My Life…

“In close-up photography, any out-of-focus spots of light appearing inside the viewfinder will record on digital media or film in the shape of the aperture in use. Additionally, the distance between the main subject and the background lights determines just how large and diffused the out-of-focus spots will be. The spots are called specular highlights.” — Bryan Peterson, from Understanding Exposure.

Aperture priority, 50mm at ISO 100. Exposed for 1/350 sec at f2.8.specular highlights

Fall Foliage…


We don’t really get a fall season here in Texas, so when the foliage on the trees turn for a short (and I mean short) while before they fall to the ground, it’s nice to admire what we DO get. I have photographed many a sunset, but more and more I am turning away from the sun to view what it casts its beautiful rays on as it sets.

Tonight’s moon with the fall colors in the foreground…Hope everyone is well.

Congress Bridge, Austin, TX…


Took a quick day trip to Austin, TX yesterday. If you have never been to Texas’ state capitol, it’s an experience. One of the interesting things to do is to head over to Congress Bridge around dusk and wait for the bats to fly out on their nightly feeding quest. Yes, you heard me right. There are bats living under the bridge. I have no idea why, but obviously it must be a great nesting area for them. It’s a really great sight to see them flying out. Here’s my shot from last night. The best view is definitely from the top of the bridge…enjoy!