Rain Drops…

It rained seriously hard the day before yesterday. That’s all the motivation I need to take a picture. The cars in the distance were parents waiting for the bus to rescue their children from the downpour. Great opportunity to practice and demonstrate perfect circles of specular highlights at a wide open aperture. I think this is an interesting image. Wouldn’t you know, the weather is beautifully sunny today. Gotta love Texas. Have a good one!

Aperture priority, 35-70mm at ISO 6400. Exposed for 1/1000 sec at f2.8. Focal length 70mm.rain drops


You Highlight My Life…

“In close-up photography, any out-of-focus spots of light appearing inside the viewfinder will record on digital media or film in the shape of the aperture in use. Additionally, the distance between the main subject and the background lights determines just how large and diffused the out-of-focus spots will be. The spots are called specular highlights.” — Bryan Peterson, from Understanding Exposure.

Aperture priority, 50mm at ISO 100. Exposed for 1/350 sec at f2.8.specular highlights