Taking Flight…


I am in the process of moving my blog, but I wanted to share this image with you guys. I hope to have all my followers moved with me to my real photography site, APN Photography, where I will continue posting my daily shots. So please stop my and give me a like over there, or on  https://www.facebook.com/APNphoto if you enjoyed this post! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! –xoxox  Angela



The Boat…


Or maybe it’s a ship? It was a whale watching tour my sister and I took out of San Diego. We were waiting to spot some grey whales and unfortunately, I didn’t see any, but my sister saw about three breeching in the distance not fully understanding how rare it is for us to actually see. Am I a little bitter? Kinda, because she didn’t even want to go. It’s a funny story for the both of us to tell. Instead I got a cool picture of the side of the boat, uh, ship. 😀

It’s Just Cold…


I’ve always liked this photo. I guess it’s because I was there. Haha! I have SO many photos from Alaska that I’m very happy to be revisiting to share its beauty. If only my photos did it justice! This was taken on a glacier boat tour out of Seward. Let me just say, by the time we got to this glacier, it was cold. These glaciers basically create their own atmosphere and it was like being trapped inside a sub-zero freezer. My fingers were frozen, I had on thermals, jeans, sweaters, a  knit cap, scarf, gloves, and my big fleece lined, water-proof jacket. I was shaking but not stirred. 😉 Then again, I’m from Texas and 70 degrees is cold to me. While stopped here, we actually got to hear some of the ice crack off…it sounded like thunder–amazing stuff and I don’t even think it was that big of a piece.

Cropped down the image resolution isn’t the best and it’s not very sharp, but I did the best I could with my Konica. There’s also some chromatic aberration going on that I did the best I could with, but I tell you, I really loved this camera because it was when I first started playing with aperture, shutter speeds, and ISO. The Konica is what truly sparked my love of photography and made me want to get a better, faster camera.

How about you? How did you grow your photography love?

This Otter Make You Smile…

 I’m still in Alaska with this photo I shot with my Konica. Mom and I were in our last stop, Seward, and were just coming back into the dock from a glacier boat tour. This little guy was having a snack alongside our boat. It’s one of my favorite memories. There is nothing like seeing wildlife, sea life, or nature in general with your own two eyes, right there in front of you. I love it!