New posting…have a great weekend my friends! —Angela


Yellow Flowers and Sunny Days…


Make me happy! I took this while on a walk at the local nature preserve. It’s finally warming up and the sun feels SO good it just makes me feel alive! I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday and hope you have an even more fantastic weekend. — Angela

Prairie Trails

Dried Salvia…

More practice with specular highlights. The hexagonal dots are created by the shape of the aperture. The only way to achieve perfectly round highlights is to shoot at a completely wide open aperture which in my case, would have been 1.8. I like the interest the hexagonal shapes add to the photo. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! –Angela

Aperture priority. 50 mm f1.8, ISO 800 and exposed for 1/180 sec at f8.Dried Salvia

You Highlight My Life…

“In close-up photography, any out-of-focus spots of light appearing inside the viewfinder will record on digital media or film in the shape of the aperture in use. Additionally, the distance between the main subject and the background lights determines just how large and diffused the out-of-focus spots will be. The spots are called specular highlights.” — Bryan Peterson, from Understanding Exposure.

Aperture priority, 50mm at ISO 100. Exposed for 1/350 sec at f2.8.specular highlights

Warm, Bright and Cheery…


I’m in the mood for something bright, warm and cheery. It’s cold here this morning. We are currently at 42°f degrees. If you’re not from Texas then anything under 70 is cold. Not that I’m complaining. The two weeks of “winter” we get is a nice break from the two weeks of over 100°f straight we get during summer. I’ll take it. By the way, our weather is very sporadic. So our cold weather temps are also sporadic. For instance, it’s 40° right now, but it’s not unusual to be back up to 80° by midday. Anyway, enough about the weather. I hope you are enjoying whatever you’re doing and looking forward to the holidays. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my kids. Enjoy the warmth and cheeriness of this photo I took while on a nature walk. Blessings from Texas!

Yellow Wildflowers