Just Walking…

Since starting my photography journey about eight years ago, I take about 99.9% of my shots in Manual mode; however, I thought it might be good to explore other options available to me. Yes, I know how to use them I just prefer having all the control. I have NEVER used scene mode and auto mode rarely—I mean RARELY as the thought disgusts me. Haha!  Anyhoo, always wanting to learn and improve, I am spending some time and thought on Aperture priority right now. It’s always good to know your tools inside and out, right?

Speaking of out…we went out for a walk at the nature preserve to enjoy the wonderful weather this past weekend. It was 60 degrees and we had beautiful sunny skies. Ahhhh, I love Texas. There is no place on earth like it! When we came up on this scene the dried grasses/weeds (also known as natural flowers :)) had a flowy look to them as a trail led up to the tree. I had to get down on ma belly here.

Shot with my 50mm in aperture priority.  ISO 100. Exposed for 1/1500 sec at f4. What shooting mode do you most prefer?

Texas winter


Sunflowers and Blue Skies…


Sunflowers and blue skies just scream summer don’t they? I happened to find out about this farm just in the nick of time yesterday morning. Apparently the sunflowers will only be in bloom for a couple of more days, so what’s a gal who loves a good photo-op to do? Brush my teeth, wash my face, grab my gear head out an adventure!

Of course I made my kids wear something decent so I could practice portraiture on them with the use of my new reflectors and new skills. You know I love some good landscapes though, right? See the bee’s shadow at the bottom of the flower pictured above?

Those bright yellow sunflowers remind me of something else during summertime, good ol’ fashioned lemonade! The spontaneity of summer is great. Hope you are enjoying yours!