Morning Moon…

The moon has been so beautiful and bright this week hanging in the west early morning through midday! I love it. I hope you never get tired of these shots because I can sit and stare at the moon all day and night especially when it’s SO big.

I’m stuck in aperture priority with my 35-70 mm f2.8. Click on the photos for a bigger view.

Taken this morning at 7:45 through the willow tree.


Yesterday morning with a darker exposure around the same time.


Yesterday out my kitchen window, over the neighbor’s roof, and through the birdfeeder. Two points!


TGIF everyone! —Angela a.k.a. Jolinta as my dad used to say.


Looking at the Moon Never Gets Old…

I was running errands today and when I exited a parking lot onto the street I could not help but notice the moon. It is SO big today! I just had to get out the camera. So without further adieu, here’s the moon today late afternoon from a freezing cold Texas sky…


Yeaaaa, if you’re from way up north like Alaska or Canada, or somewhere on the east coast, I do realize my version of freezing is a joke to you. :D. The high was 54° but in my defense, we’ve had winds gusting up to 25 mph all day so it’s more like 44° and yesterday it was almost 80°. What’d I tell you about our weather? Here’s another…


Happy Advent. Hope you take time to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends or even a perfect stranger who might need some company or some love. Everyone needs to feel loved.

Fall Foliage…


We don’t really get a fall season here in Texas, so when the foliage on the trees turn for a short (and I mean short) while before they fall to the ground, it’s nice to admire what we DO get. I have photographed many a sunset, but more and more I am turning away from the sun to view what it casts its beautiful rays on as it sets.

Tonight’s moon with the fall colors in the foreground…Hope everyone is well.

Stagnant Storm Clouds…


Stepped outside and saw some very interesting storm clouds just hanging out in the south-eastern sky. I l.o.v.e. watching storm clouds. Pulled out my camera with tripod and tried to capture the moment.

This is a 30 second exposure because the lightning was erratic. I like that you can see the roof line of the house.

I cropped out the windows because the neighbor’s lights were on and I thought they were distracting; however, now I’m not sure, maybe it adds something to the photo? Below is the photo with the windows…What do you think?