Fun day at a new museum in town a few weeks ago. Not much to say here but cool textures and backgrounds everywhere.

Aperture priority. Shot with my 18-55mm @ f3.8 and exposed for 1/60 sec at ISO 720. How you guys doing? Everyone ready for spring?Roar!

Through Two Shutters…


This photo completely appeals to me and maybe it’s because it reminds me of that old Alfred Hitchcock movie the Birds. It’s kind of creepy and cool all at once. I applied some split toning to the photo until I was happy with it.

 While sitting on my dining room floor testing some new camera settings, the sun was shining brightly overhead. I noticed a flock of birds resting on the tree across the street and every so often several of them would fly off. It was odd because the scene kept replaying but there was still the same amount of birds left in the tree. So below is what I captured  through both my camera shutter and through my window shutter; hence, through two shutters…

Aperture priority with my 35-70 f2.8.Shutter View

Morning Moon…

The moon has been so beautiful and bright this week hanging in the west early morning through midday! I love it. I hope you never get tired of these shots because I can sit and stare at the moon all day and night especially when it’s SO big.

I’m stuck in aperture priority with my 35-70 mm f2.8. Click on the photos for a bigger view.

Taken this morning at 7:45 through the willow tree.


Yesterday morning with a darker exposure around the same time.


Yesterday out my kitchen window, over the neighbor’s roof, and through the birdfeeder. Two points!


TGIF everyone! —Angela a.k.a. Jolinta as my dad used to say.

Rain Drops…

It rained seriously hard the day before yesterday. That’s all the motivation I need to take a picture. The cars in the distance were parents waiting for the bus to rescue their children from the downpour. Great opportunity to practice and demonstrate perfect circles of specular highlights at a wide open aperture. I think this is an interesting image. Wouldn’t you know, the weather is beautifully sunny today. Gotta love Texas. Have a good one!

Aperture priority, 35-70mm at ISO 6400. Exposed for 1/1000 sec at f2.8. Focal length 70mm.rain drops