Mountain View


Yea, OK, I lied. This is the last Alaska photo I’ll be showing for a while. I was able to submit more than one photo to the White Pass & Yukon Route contest, so I went with this one too. I hope I win something! If not, it’s always fun to participate. šŸ™‚


All Aboard…


All aboard! This is just a glimpse of the beautiful scenery from the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad on our stop in Skagway, Alaska. We rode a shuttle bus up to the summit which borders Canada and then rode the train back to town. This railroad passage was built during the Klondike Gold Rush and is an International Civil Engineering Landmark. Amazing stuff when you learn about all the people and horsesĀ that gave their lives toĀ build itĀ and how others survived the winters. If you’d like to read more about it, check out theĀ WP&YR website.

This is my last stop in Alaska for a bit. I am thinking of submitting this photo for a contest they are having, what do you think?

It’s Just Cold…


I’ve always liked this photo. I guess it’s because I was there. Haha! I have SO many photos from Alaska that I’m very happy to be revisiting to share its beauty. If only my photos did it justice! This was taken on a glacier boat tour out of Seward. Let me just say, by the time we got to this glacier, it was cold. These glaciers basically create their own atmosphere and it was like being trappedĀ inside a sub-zero freezer. My fingers were frozen, I had on thermals, jeans, sweaters, aĀ  knit cap, scarf, gloves, and my big fleece lined, water-proof jacket. I was shaking but not stirred. šŸ˜‰ Then again, I’m from Texas and 70 degrees is cold to me. While stopped here, we actually got to hear some of the ice crack off…it sounded like thunder–amazing stuff and I don’t even think it was that big of a piece.

Cropped down the image resolution isn’t the best and it’s not very sharp, but I did the best I could with my Konica. There’s alsoĀ some chromatic aberration going on that I did the best I could with, butĀ I tell you, I really loved this camera because it was when I first started playing with aperture, shutter speeds, and ISO. The Konica is what truly sparked my love of photography and made me want to get a better, faster camera.

How about you? How did you grow your photography love?

Through a Porthole…


This was taken coming into port at Hoonah, Alaska. This is the very edge of the port. You can see little white dots of housing at the bottom left of the mountains toward the shoreline. The cruise ships like to call it “Icy Strait Point” because it’s cool marketingĀ I guess. At the time when I was planning and researching this trip there wasn’t very much information on “Icy Strait Point” and it drove me nuts until I found that itĀ is really Hoonah. I did learn that Hoonah used to have a big fishing cannery and I believe we were told it’s a drop off site for the crabbers from the Deadliest Catch show (IĀ admit that I could also be completely wrong about this bit of info).

Mom and I rode a zip line here. Craziest thing I’ve ever done and I can’t believe I talked my 70-year-old mom into doing it too. She can be pretty adventurous when she wants to be, she just needs a little push…down a mountain. Hahaha!

This Otter Make You Smile…

Ā I’m still in Alaska with this photo I shot with my Konica.Ā Mom and IĀ were in our last stop, Seward, andĀ were just coming back into the dock from a glacier boat tour. This little guy was having a snack alongside our boat. It’s one of my favorite memories. There is nothing like seeing wildlife, sea life,Ā or nature in general with your own two eyes, right there in front of you. I love it!