Geyser Basin, YNP…


Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park in the good ol’ U.S. of A. baby! 2008. Some of the most beautiful scenery to feast your eyes upon. I loved it and would L.O.V.E. to go back. Hubby and I have a rule though, no two places twice (margaritas were talkin’). Too much to see and do. Friday peeps! My spirits are high and I hope yours are too. It could be that it’s national margarita day and I’ve had a few. ūüôā Have a good weekend!! Go have a margarita! (Click the image¬†for a bigger view.)

© APN Photography


Contantly Overcomplicating Things…

OK, so this is just a rant. I am constantly overcomplicating things in life that should be the simplest decisions to make. Why do I do this?

I have this blog, which I love especially because I have gained followers and it’s where I started. You know, it makes me feel good because people actually want to see what I’m going to put out there in this world, at least where my photography is concerned. I do have several who have responded to my DIY stuff and other life posts. But I’m struggling with trying to combine my business blog with my personal one because one exists on the WP.ORG site and the other on the WP.COM site. If I move to the .ORG then I lose all my followers. Boooooo! I also lose the ability to be freshly pressed and honestly, I don’t want to deal with all that other stuff. What to do? What to do? I know some of you have recently migrated to new blogs or changed your brand names, can any of you offer me any advice? I was hoping to keep everything together. Or, maybe I just link back and forth between the two? Anyone? Anyone? Help!

Thanks!!! Angela

Through Two Shutters…


This photo completely appeals to me and maybe it’s because it reminds me of that old Alfred Hitchcock movie the Birds. It’s kind of creepy and cool all at once. I applied some split toning to the photo until I was happy with it.

¬†While sitting on my dining room floor testing some new camera settings, the sun was shining brightly overhead. I noticed a flock of birds resting on the tree across the street and every so often several of them would fly off. It was odd because the scene kept replaying but there was still the same amount of birds left in the tree. So below is what I captured¬†¬†through both my camera shutter and through my window shutter; hence, through two shutters…

Aperture priority with my 35-70 f2.8.Shutter View

Blog Name Change…

Hi everyone! This is just a quick post to let you know I am changing the name of my blog from JJOTTER to APN Photography. I have been thinking about it for a while and I think now is as good a time as any. So I have committed to this change because I don’t want to keep up two sites‚ÄĒone for my business and one for my personal posts. I take my business personally, appreciate¬†everyone that comes in to my life, and consider those that I¬†am honored to photograph my friends.¬†I figure people might be interested in what is going on in my life as well. The past year has been spent¬†improving my photography which is what the majority of my posts represent. On occasion, a post may reflect what’s going on in my¬†life.

My next step is to change the blog name. I didn’t actually think THAT part through and hope it’s not difficult! Until I figure out the logistics of everything, please hang with me because this is how I fly…by the seat of my pants!

Thanks for coming along with me on my journey!