Come to My Window…

For the feathered friends that come to my kitchen window.

Come to my window little bird.
Do not hesitate and go away.
Let my offerings satisfy your appetite
for a chance to gaze upon you in delight.

Take the nectar, seeds, and fruit.
Rest within the flowers planted beneath the feeder.
With curiosity, our eyes meet; yet do not be anxious little friend.
Let me hastily spy your beauty, before you quickly do ascend.

Come, little sparrow, bring all your friends,
the cardinal, blue jay, finch and dove!
Feed upon the gifts I give so that
I may look on you with love.

Oh please?
Let me hear the softness of your coo,
and the arrangements of your melodies.
Let me see the feathery plumes upon your head,
and your glorious wingspan as they spread.


Come little bird! Come to my view!
Let me see the brilliance and luminance
of your green, violet, orange and red hues
then watch you flee away in flight
as my excitement you enthuse.


As you hurriedly retreat after you’ve fed
gently gliding across the sky,
you leave me filled with such joy.
Though you may take, you also give.
You may steal away from out of sight,
but you are ever present gracing with me your song till night.




To My SICA’s…

Six women, all strong, loving and kind…
each to the other, a stranger.
On a journey of faith brought together to learn
more about their own walk of life.

Thoughts opened up.
Shared worries; unanswered questions.
Witnesses of testimonies both of happiness and strife.

Ears listen, eyes open, hearts growing wide until
the Spirit sets their souls ablaze and they become,
each to the other…

Sisters In Christ Always.


To the ladies whom I have spent the last few years learning to walk with Christ, thank you for the privilege of not only being able to call you my friends, but my sisters as well.

When Loved Ones Pass…

I wrote this about six months after my dad passed away and I keep it displayed in a memory box that I have of him. To my sweet friend from high school, Valentin–I hope this brings some comfort in knowing that it’s OK to move on and that even though it’s necessary to do so, it’s also necessary to feel the pain of your loss. God bless you.


Why do I feel so broken?
So empty everyday?
Why do I long so much for the days
Before you went away?

You left my heart with emptiness inside
And I long so much to fill it up.
Try and try as hard as I may,
Yet the void it won’t subside.

There are days that I’ll admit I’m feeling fine.
I have my kids, my home, my life,
To keep you off my mind.
Then I catch a glimpse of you—
It all starts up again,
And it’s like it happened yesterday,
But the tears are like a friend.
They help me to release the flood
Of sadness that I feel,
Each time I think of you
And it all becomes so real.

Every morning I awake,
It’s you that’s on my mind.
Through all the events of every day
You are not far behind.
And every night as I lay my
Head down to sleep,
You’re in my memory, and thoughts, and prayers—
in my aching heart left weak.
It’s true you had to leave even though
You did not want to go,
But the good Lord called you home to Him.
So I said goodbye reluctantly, with a pain-filled
Peace of mind, knowing someday I would see you again
And I’d no longer cry.


For you Dad, I miss you so much. You’re always with me wherever I go.

Love, Jolinta.

I Love You More…

You can hate me all you want
Just because I tell you “No.”
But to give into to every whim,
my child, would be a bigger sin.

What kind of parent would I be
If I gave you all you wanted?
It’s my job to set the limits now
And of this I do avow:

To help you grow and learn just how
to make all those countless choices
that you’ll face the day you’re on your own;
to work through all those tough decisions
when you have gone and grown.

It’s not my job to be your friend,
But your teacher, tough and strong.
And hopefully someday good child
You’ll see I was not wrong.

So go ahead and scream my ears off ‘til they fall.
Go ahead and slam the door and hide away from me.
Go ahead and say you hate me ‘til you’re blue in the face.
Go ahead and kick your feet, and your fists at me do shake.

I was young once too dear child.
I did all the things you do
And I got mad at MY parents too.
Just know this, that in saying “no”,
it does not mean that I do abhor,
But rather, ONLY that I love you all the more .


Baby Boy…

Five years ago today,
Eight looong days overdue
We could not wait to meet you!

Making your entrance into the world,
The biggest of our brood,
The balance of our scale then skewed.

During the first years of your life
We had to learn the ropes again,
Trying to rebalance that scale.
Now we are on a roll,
Enjoying all you are,
Laughing at all you do,
Giving us tales to tell.

Still Papa’s “bauble-head”
You’re one funny little guy;
With dirty toes, a running nose,
Silly faces and sound effects;
You’re a real boy’s boy.
You are without a doubt,
Our little five year old joy.


Happy 5th birthday my precious baby boy!!! I LU YA!