Contantly Overcomplicating Things…

OK, so this is just a rant. I am constantly overcomplicating things in life that should be the simplest decisions to make. Why do I do this?

I have this blog, which I love especially because I have gained followers and it’s where I started. You know, it makes me feel good because people actually want to see what I’m going to put out there in this world, at least where my photography is concerned. I do have several who have responded to my DIY stuff and other life posts. But I’m struggling with trying to combine my business blog with my personal one because one exists on the WP.ORG site and the other on the WP.COM site. If I move to the .ORG then I lose all my followers. Boooooo! I also lose the ability to be freshly pressed and honestly, I don’t want to deal with all that other stuff. What to do? What to do? I know some of you have recently migrated to new blogs or changed your brand names, can any of you offer me any advice? I was hoping to keep everything together. Or, maybe I just link back and forth between the two? Anyone? Anyone? Help!

Thanks!!! Angela


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