Think Outside the Box…

As an item to cross off the long list of things I must do toward completing our master bath remodel, I added some towel bars to the vanities.

I searched long and hard for a bar that would fit into the 1.5″ width of space I had to work with but alas, I was unsuccessful. I knew exactly what I wanted and exactly what I want I shall have; even if I have to think outside of the box which occurs frequently in our home.

I picked up these Grundtal towel bars from Ikea at a cost of $16. They are about 15″ wide but the mounts were about 2.5″, an inch longer than needed.


I contemplated hanging them on the side of the cabinet but Dear Husband wasn’t thrilled with the idea and, quite frankly, neither was I. My solution was to cut them to fit into the narrow width so I could place them in front of the sink bowls. New holes were drilled into them for mounting to the cabinet since the existing ones were cut off when we sized them down. It cost me an extra $11 to have them cut and for the mounting screws.

Violà! Brushed nickel towel bars to match the faucets and sconces, exactly where we wanted them placed. Very simple and clean. (Clean. In our house. Snort.)
new towel bar

I still have to make the doors for the other cabinet, and I filled any crevices on the mirror frames and medicine cabinets. Those will get a stain touchup and the bathroom will receive another coat of paint.

Thinking outside of the box always brings awesome results and moving forward is good. There is nothing better than seeing your plans and hard work come to fruition especially when you know you built it with your own two hands.


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