If a person performs an evil act and is mentally ill, I wonder what their time of judgement is like? Do they end up in the fiery abyss of hell or does God have mercy on their soul because they they were mentally unaware of what they were doing?

I can’t, nor do I want to, imagine the gut wrenching anxiety, stress, or sorrow those poor parents in Connecticut  felt waiting to find out if their elementary school children were safe. I can only imagine their immense relief after seeing their precious child’s face after having realized such a tragedy occurred in their hometown. Or the overwhelming grief and then pure anger that someone could take the lives of INNOCENT children. Babies. Angels.

I, along with so many others in this nation are left to wonder about the evil that produced this tragedy. I am so sad. Why?

I am not just sad but angry. Disgusted. My focus then turns to MY children and their safety. No one is ever really safe are they? We never know when evil will befall us. I am left wondering about justice. So, if the parents cannot get justice or see justice in this life, and if the one who performed the evil was considered mentally ill because of some schizophrenia or other illness, how does God judge?


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