Ang Gets a Lesson in Cooking…

Dad spent many hours scanning old photos into digital form and he usually gave them good titles too. The following was titled, “Ang gets a lesson in cooking.”

That’s me at a young age peering over Mom’s shoulder while she cooks up some red enchiladas. Mmmm, I can taste them now! See the red chili sauce cooking in the pan at the lower left? Looks like she was stirring some refried beans at the back of the stove.

I didn’t just learn how to cook from my mom. I have learned SO much more from her. What an amazing woman who I am blessed to have as my mother. Excuse me while I rattle off a list of a some things this wonderful woman has taught me:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning (she’s still teaching me this one 🙂 )
  • Sewing
  • Gardening
  • Mothering
  • Loving
  • Health
  • Budgeting (you might think Dad was the financier of the house but my Mom did it all and always managed to so much for all of us!!)
  • Caring
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Faith
  • Respect for myself
  • Dreaming and then going for it!

I learned how to parent from the best. I learned how to be a good wife (a team player), sibling, aunt, niece, and a good daughter. You can tell the truth mom, I’m your favorite out of all my sibs and not just because I’m the baby. 😉

I remember my mom working really hard. She was always up before anyone else getting breakfast and our lunches ready for us before we trotted off to school, and her being the last to go to bed as she finished up the day managing the house. I fondly remember her tucking me in at night and planting a gazillion kisses on my face (something I now do with my babies). I remember her being there for me when I had bad dreams, and always supporting me in every endeavor. I remember her working hard outside the home and then coming home and working harder still. I remember her face as my oldest brother and I departed from the driveway of our childhood home when he helped me move to find work. Leaving was hard for me too. I remember her being there for me when I had my own babies.

When I look back on life during my childhood I am amazed at how much energy she had to get everything done that she needed to, rarely finding time for herself. When I look back on HER life, I feel ashamed for complaining about mine because life is so much easier today!

I call my mom very often, almost daily, just to chat. I don’t have anything in particular to say, all I know is that I miss her and want to be with her always! So just hearing her voice and being able to call her to tell her about my day is all I need, but honestly, I just want to call to let her know that I love her! I consider her to be my best friend. How can she not be? She knows everything about me, has seen me at my best and at my absolute worst and she still loves me!

If I had to pick ONE thing that I have learned from such a beautiful woman, it must be unconditional love because she has given it to me in spades.

Tomorrow is her birthday, but today my thoughts wander towards her in this writing. I love you with all my heart, Mom. If God wants to know, and he already does, you have been the shining angel that he asked you to be and as your baby girl, I am ever so grateful.

All my love!!


2 thoughts on “Ang Gets a Lesson in Cooking…

    • Yes I am! I love her dearly. I didn’t always used to be so loving though. I was a pain in her booty during my teen years and I apologize often when I call! Haha! She’s the best. Thanks for commenting! 🙂 I love to hear from peeps!

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