Lights, Camera, Water!

Not a photography post, but a DIY one.

I am slowly making it to my first goal in the bathroom. I finally got my sconces installed today and yes, I did it myself! Big smiles for me. I did call my brother a couple of times to confirm some things but, overall, I am glad I tackled it. See the brand new gang box below? Yup, I did that. 😀

Dear husband helped me get some sheet rock back up too. Yesterday I sealed the plumbing so I can hook up her sink. No biggie, just some PVC glue. My youngest helped me install the compression fittings on the hot and cold pipes a few weeks ago . Here he is sanding the copper for a nice clean fit.


So after all these months, I am thinking I will have a working vanity by early next week. Before I do, I have to position another electrical box above the medicine cabinet. I did a first coating of tape and joint compound so it looks a little rough right now but I have faith!

Here’s to installing brand new electrical, a good day’s work, and the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait to show you my beautiful sinks!!!


Enjoy! –Angela


2 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Water!

    • Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out! I did a second coat, textured, and primed yesterday. Today I painted so I could get the cabinet up hopefully tomorrow, maybe tonight. I just want it done!!

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