Mirror Mirror…

Yay for DIYing and getting stuff done! We picked out the sinks and faucets, and this week I took care of the mirrors for the “her” side of the vanity area.

The medicine cabinet mirror is a perfect fit…

I took the existing mirror to get cut down to size and found a great local glass place that did it for $10 and polished the edges too! Next stop was the hardware store for some nice pine that cost $16 to frame out the mirror. I routed out the inside edges to set the mirror into and put it all together with my Kreg Jig.


I know you’re eyeballing my workbench, and yes, I built that too. 😀 Below is a simple frame for a simple mirror because we are simple people…


The only thing left to do is stain everything and glue those mirrors down. I am seeing a light at the end of this tunnel! By the way, I did pick out sconces yesterday. I decided I needed to balance out the mirror. It’s going to be great! Can’t wait for those sinks to get here!


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