Sconces or No Sconces…

So, I’m very excited because I got some electrical moved so I could make the cut out for the medicine cabinet (thanks bro!) and we selected the sinks and faucets for our vanities. Everything is coming together nicely. However, I can’t decide on the light fixtures for the mirror. Can you help?

First a little background, I originally thought I would put three pot lights above the mirror flanked by two sconces. Then I thought it would be easier to just add a 3 bulb vanity light above the mirror, which it totally would because I’d only have to wire one thing and I’d be done (and I do mean I could do it so it’d be free). I’m not totally in love with the idea but Dear Hubby likes it. I think I still want to do sconces, but skip the overhead pot lights and just add a ceiling light fixture. It would actually be replacing this heat lamp…

I can’t wait to get rid of this thing. It makes me feel like a dried up french fry or a pink piece of roast beef at a buffet table. Not to mention it reminds me of a scary movie in there with all that red light bouncing around. “Red rum red rum…” Eeek!

So here are my drawings of what I’m thinking…


Just so you know, the other bathroom was remodeled a couple of years ago and it looks like this…

What do you guys and gals think I should do? Should I just stay consistent with what I did in the other bathroom or just do sconces or just do a 3 bulb light? Help! 🙂 And thanks in advance!


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