Small Victories in the Master Bath


I’m still working toward a bathroom haven in the “on suite” as the DIY shows like to call the master bath. This little box I just made took me 30 minutes and cost 12 bucks. It’s going to function as a ” medicine cabinet” on the side of the vanity. It will also have a mirror in the back to make it look sleek and contemporary which will cost another 20 bucks. For a medicine cabinet that is cheap!! I saved over $200 doing it myself.


I reused the backing of the old vanity as the back of the medicine cabinet. A few cuts here and there and viola. All that’s left is to paint it and add the mirror.


After much tinkering, the vanity is put together and hung on the wall. I have to move some electrical and cut a stud to fit the medicine cabinet, but I feel like I’m making progress; and progress is good. Oh, and we also cut the existing bathroom mirror down to size. Then I get to do it all again…on his side.


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