Thick and Chunky…

So, I realized that I showed a completed vanity cabinet, and showed a bunch of wood in a previous post, exhibit A–bunch of wood…

and never discussed actually putting it together. I won’t get too detailed, but I purchased a bunch of framing lumber because not only was it the look I was going for–thick and chunky like spaghetti sauce if that’s a look–well, it was cheap! DIY on a budget what can I say? I basically took three 10x2x12’s and turned it into this…

Sweet right? I think so. I want wall mounted vanities. It’s on my bucket list. Wall mounted is contemporary, clean, and makes the space visually bigger. Not only that, but it provides more real estate which means I can also tuck a trash can under the cabinet and maybe an adjustable height stool so I can sit while I do my hair. What’s that? How’d I accomplish it? With this…

It’s fancy right? The idea gets in my head, then I draw a picture. Then I read, research, and learn a lot. Then the magic happens. That’s right, I didn’t make a simple box with the ends butted up against each other, I made it with 45 degree joints. Ooooooh… Aaaaaaaah…(sarcasm).

Nothing I do is ever simple. If it was I’d be done by now. I also reinforced 45’s, and used pocket screws and glue. I had to join 2 pieces of wood to get the right depth for the cabinet. Two pieces on all four sides. Had I just used regular 3/4″ ply it probably would’ve been easier, but it would’ve also been more expensive. One sheet of good birch ply is about $40 and I would’ve needed two, and it wouldn’t have been thick and chunky. The framing lumber cost me less than $30. Here’s the side panels put together…

I joined two pieces using glue and pocket screws only after trimming the edges to make sure they were flat and flush enough to butt up against each other. I repeated this process 3 more times. Next came the 45 degree cuts on the ends and making sure those were correct. See below? 45. No tool in my garage goes unused.

I put it all together with more pocket screws and a little help from this nifty tool, the Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp which I also used to make my medicine cabinet yesterday.

And now I have this. A thick, chunky cabinet with lots of wood grain which I love.

I should let you know that the vanity cabinet will also have two sliding doors. I routed the tracks, but haven’t made the actual doors yet. When I’m done, hopefully the vanity area of the bathroom will look similar to the drawing on the left below. I like to draw, can you tell?

Or the mocked up taped version below. I like tape too, can you tell?

In any case, it can’t get done fast enough. If only that blue tape worked like it did on that Lowe’s commercial and everything magically appeared after I put it up on the wall. If only I had Josh Temple and Matt Muenster here to help me. Sigh…I don’t, which is why I am doing it myself!!!

What are you DIYers working on out there? Would L.O.V.E. to hear from ya! 🙂


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