Happy Father’s Day, Love Jolinta…

Today is Father’s Day, and I as I sit here looking out my front window, I am thinking of course of my own dad who was a hero to me. He was so intelligent and a man of many talents. As I reminisce about him I am pretty amazed at all the wonderful talents he possessed and yet, he was so humble about them all.

He could take apart and rebuild anything, was a carpenter, electrician, mechanic, jeweler, farmer, gardener, geologist, poet, and I can’t forget photographer! He was a so special to me. I will never forget the time my curling iron spring broke and asking him if he could show me how to fix it. He responded, “Well if I tell you, you won’t need me anymore.” WHAT a joke because nothing could be farther from the truth even seven whole years after his passing. I miss him, his presence, his jokes, and his advice.

Thankfully, I have two wonderful older brothers who fill some of the ache I have from missing Dad. They both have some of Dad’s qualities and as I we grow older I enjoy watching them mimic some of the things he used to do, seeing many of his characteristics and talents present themselves in his sons.

When I see my oldest brother, I literally see my Dad. He looks most like him with those deep dimples on either side of his full lips. He makes the wise, sound decisions. He has his sense of humor (corny), is studious, can be strict but playful, and has a deep humble love for his kids and family.  He really has a lot of humility but expects a lot from his kids only because he wants the best for them. They probably don’t see it that way, but I do because I remember how my father was with me.

My second oldest brother received many of our dad’s handyman talents. Like Dad, he can probably take apart and rebuild anything, and learn how to DO anything. He is spontaneous and adventurous. He is passionate about everything, funny and a tough guy with a big heart. He loves deeply and is always there for you when you need him. He is fiercely independent and a man of his word.

Both of my brothers offer me great advice all the time, are my protectors, and just talk to me the way Dad would have done. I love them so much.

In speaking of Dad, I want to say a word or two about my husband. It’s kind of cliché to say “I married my father” and a little funny too if you knew my husband, but, in many ways I see characteristics in my husband that do remind me of my dad. My husband is simple, a man of few words, he doesn’t SAY he DOES. He is humble, a protector of his family, and a great provider to us all. He supports my dreams and lets me be who I am without judging, always cheering me on toward my goals. 

I am ever so grateful for the men in my life, not just because they are here for me and I have the pleasure of knowing them, but because they fill part of a void in me that so desperately needs to be filled. They remind me who I came from; they keep my memories of my Dad alive so that I will never forget, but how could I anyway? A man like that is not easily forgettable. His legacy lives on through them.

Happy Father’s Day to the men in my life. I love you all.


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