The Table Saw Sled…

I had a great day working in my garage today building a quick and easy table saw sled. I learned how to do it from this guy, Steve at Woodworking for Mere Mortals who provides GREAT instructions on many projects! I just happened to come across his site and decided I needed to build one of these for the upcoming carpentry in the master bathroom. Easy peasy and I got to use my new old router!

First I had to cut some wood down to fit the sliders on the table saw. Since I’m always building stuff, I have a nice little supply of various sized scrap wood. Then I used the router to make some straight cuts on an old shelf where the sliders sit so the sled fits flush with the table.


The sliders were attached with screws and then cut down to the width of the sled. I then attached edges to the sled to pull and push.

At this stage I had to make sure everything was square with the blade. Oops! I forgot to tell you that I put the sled in the center of the table saw, turned it on and slowly raised the blade until it sawed  its way through the bottom board. I double-checked making sure it was all square with the blade. I tested it out making some very straight cuts! Those small pieces were used as a blade guard which you’ll see below.


I have always had a difficult time making straight cuts with the saw for one reason or another. Now I can do it squarely and safely! Cool beans, huh? Thanks so much, Steve!


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