I Love New Tools…

I love new old tools. I inherited  a 1963 Craftsman Router that was sitting in storage in Dad’s tool shed. OK, I took it because I knew my siblings wouldn’t want it. I’ve actually taken many of Dad’s tools and I am proud to say that I have used them all. I really enjoy learning how to use them and quite frankly, I need them for the DIY projects done around this old house.

The master bathroom renovation has begun. I removed the “her” from the “his and her” vanities so I could really visualize the space and solidify our plans. I had already drawn a picture but I needed to see it up close and personal right there in front of me because as Dear Husband says, I can’t read a measuring tape. WHATever!

Well, I laid out my plan and there was this beautiful piece of equipment, the Craftsman Router, I was dying to use. It has been haunting me for a year! So today I went out and bought a bit to make dado cuts. After I got home, I attempted for the 40th time to figure out how to raise and lower the machine. I had no success even after downloading the instructions. I found two other sites that had photos of this exact same router but couldn’t figure it out. I was going crazy and then I thought…WD40. I’ll just spray some of that around the crevices and sure enough, it came loose and became adjustable just like in the pictures! Cue the chorus of angels…. AAAAAHHHHH!

I attached the new router for straight cuts, plugged that puppy in and let her rip. I must say it was amazing. I’m still giddy. This thing is fast and the bit cut so smooth the wood required very little sanding. Now, Dad had this attached to a big board and so I used it upside down, but I think I will jerry-rig some straight edges to hold the router upright and make my cuts. I have a long piece of wood on which to place these dados.

Below are the practice cuts I made and I think they are going to work out quite nicely for this little project.

Close up shot of the half-inch straight bit. Check out all the saw dust it made. I actually considered getting a hamster so he could play in it. 🙂

Last but not least a picture of some nice thick wood…

That’s all I’m going to share about this project for now. Today’s purchase also included a Kreg Jig and a glass cutter. Oooooh, I’m getting excited!

What about you? Have you inherited any cool new old tools?


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