Through a Porthole…

This was taken coming into port at Hoonah, Alaska. This is the very edge of the port. You can see little white dots of housing at the bottom left of the mountains toward the shoreline. The cruise ships like to call it “Icy Strait Point” because it’s cool marketing I guess. At the time when I was planning and researching this trip there wasn’t very much information on “Icy Strait Point” and it drove me nuts until I found that it is really Hoonah. I did learn that Hoonah used to have a big fishing cannery and I believe we were told it’s a drop off site for the crabbers from the Deadliest Catch show (I admit that I could also be completely wrong about this bit of info).

Mom and I rode a zip line here. Craziest thing I’ve ever done and I can’t believe I talked my 70-year-old mom into doing it too. She can be pretty adventurous when she wants to be, she just needs a little push…down a mountain. Hahaha!


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