Exactly Where I Want To Be…

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time now about our home. I know I refer to our house as small, and in many regards it is small, especially in comparison to some of the grander ones just up the street from us; but I’m really not complaining. And no, I’m not envious in the least. Really, I’m not.

Our house is much bigger than the one my siblings and I grew up in–the three bedroom home in which we all had to share rooms and the ONLY place to get away was outside. We had PLENTY of room outside because Mom and Dad bought the corner lot next door to their house as well, so we had a big BIG yard. Back then I was a family of six. Fast forward, I am a family of five.

Even though everyone has their own room to hang out in, we only have one main living area and it’s not super huge. People are fighting over the big TV either to watch shows or play video games, or just to use the space to read in peace in quiet. We don’t always want to be in our designated personal areas. Occasionally, I dream of having just 200 more square feet to have an “extra” space in which the kids can hang out with their friends. As they get older, they bring more friends over, and it becomes much more of an issue; however, it’s one we all have to get over. Why? Well, because at this moment in time, and for a LONG time now, Dear Hubby and I don’t really see ourselves ever leaving…we love our home that much.

We are located in the most awesome area of town. It’s so close to shopping, entertainment, parks and all around great stuff that we can just walk if we want to and sometimes we do! We don’t really desire to live in a “mini-mansion” which is typical in our location, because, well, one day very soon our kids are going to be grown, off to college, and out on their own so there really is no need. I don’t begrudge anyone who wants to or does either! I will admit that we did look around several years ago, but we’re glad we didn’t move. Eventually, this small house will be too big for just the two of us. What would it be like if we had to deal with the upkeep of an even bigger one? (Excuse me while I shed a tear of future loneliness…sniff, sniff.)

Aside from the looming doom of an empty nest, living in a “small” house affords us a great quality of life. Because we live in this “small” house we enjoy many benefits:

  • When we had our second child, I decided I didn’t want to leave my babies anymore to go to work and was able to become a stay-at-home mom.
  • We learned to live off one salary and a budget while still managing to enjoy life and travel.
  • As the kids get older, they are WAY more expensive needing orthodontia, clothes, entertainment cash, and they eat LOTS of food; and so do their friends. The toys they want aren’t cheap either and not having to pay for a larger home (heating, cooling, larger mortgage etc…) frees up extra cash for all the needs; however, our kids don’t always get what they want; we are mean parents, we tell them things like “that’s nice” and “yea, you can have that…when you get a job” and it works. Haha! Although we can afford to give our kids stuff,
  • We like to teach them the value of a dollar, which in this economy is rapidly nearing zero, and they learn to appreciate their belongings because they had to work for it. Our son got a job because he wanted a cell phone and purchased his own IPod. (We’re not paying for that!) I guess this isn’t really a “small house benefit” but just a parenting style.
  • We HAVE to learn to get along with each other. This means learning about sharing, flexibility, consideration, helping, caring, compassion, and most importantly apologizing. Can’t really get away from each other so everyone becomes able to deal with life.
  • We learn how to make the most of every little space we do have in this house. I love love LOVE when I find new interesting ways to use areas of our home that improve the flow and usefulness of it. Which leads me to,
  • DIY baby! This small aging house has taught us (especially me) how to do it ourselves! I am growing an arsenal of tools. DIY means $$$ savings. Why pay more if you don’t have to?
  • Last but not least, because we are forced, (yea, sometimes we force it) to be together in such a tight space, we make memories. We have lots of memories in this small house. We are too attached to it to leave it. Our children feel the same. But, someday they will leave it. And they will come back to it. And we will share our memories made in it.
I love our home. It is exactly where I want to be. It is still a work in progress. I have two more rooms to complete remodeling and then some landscaping. I have a vision for it. But the most important part of the vision I have includes seeing me growing old with my Dear Hubby in it, and my family of five living, loving, and laughing in it which makes me the happiest of all.


What about you? Will you stay or will you go? 🙂


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