The Foyer…

That’s right, I said Foyer.

foy·er – from

[foi-er, foi-ey; Fr. fwayey] 
oun, plural -ers [-erz, -eyz; Fr. yey]
  1. lobby of a theater, hotel, or apartment house.
  2. a vestibule or entrance hall in a house or apartment.
    1855–60; French:  fireplace, hearth (originally a room to which theater audiences went for warmth between the acts);
    Gallo-Latin *focārium,  equivalent to Latin foc us hearth ( comparefocus) + -ārium -arium

Yea I live in a small house, but my house is my castle and therefore I’m not calling it a crappy ol’ entryway; and since I consider my house to be Tudor style, and our last name is French (my maiden name is sort of Frenchie too), I shall call it my foyer. Fancy schmancy.

I’m still blogging about my darn entryway, uh, foyer. Last time I was there working we installed new laminate flooring, not much, but just enough to make a huge difference. Well, I couldn’t leave it there.

I have a little blue folder in which I store torn out pages of inspiration photos from magazines. My foyer has been on my mind since 2007. That’s right, 5 years. What the heck?  I have been saving this particular photo from my Better Homes & Garden magazine:

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

I really loved the idea of decorating the entryfoyer to make it more welcoming and “put together” which I am usually not. 🙂 Those curved steel brackets had me at “Hello” and the wood shelf was just so simple, smart and easy that I really wanted this look.

I had ugly parkay flooring in the foyer when we first moved into our home. I hated it. I found another idea in BH&G and painted over it and I was content with it for a good long while.

Before                                       After

Anyway, after putting that new laminate flooring in I had to complete this task. I wasn’t going to be lazy about it anymore. Why did it take me SO long to do something so simple? I don’t get it?!

By the way, if you think holding onto to a photo for five years is bad, I bought the brackets for my shelf a year and a half ago. Haha! Can you tell I’m a procrastinator? If I can’t have it ALL I don’t want it! $10 got me some very nice brushed nickel brackets, also from Lowe’s.

I pulled out that photo and hung it up in front of my desk area and looked at it until I couldn’t take it anymore. I went out to Lowe’s last Friday and purchased a 2 x 8 x 8 piece of pine lumber, had it cut in half, and brought it home. It cost me $6. I told the guy that cut it for me (who was sweet enough to make sure and pick out a nice straight piece) not to worry so much about the knots in the wood because I was just going to take it home and “slap it and torch it.” He got a kick out of that. I love to make people smile. 

That’s exactly what I did, I made him smile, then I brought the wood home; but while I didn’t slap it around and rough it up, I did sand the corners and edges a little and took my little blow torch to it to bring out the grain in the wood.

It got countrified. Forest fire countrified. Forest fire French-countrified? I stained it with some left over “Golden Oak” wood stain we had in the garage. I set up the brackets while it dried, hung it up and decorated a little with a photo of our family, plant, and great souvenir I picked up on our way back from Florida this summer.

Yea, it’s the perfect thing for family and friends to see when they walk in because well, I’m not perfect and neither is my humble abode. When I was at the store picking up my lumber I happened to notice a really nice light fixture too. I never really cared for the one we installed a few years ago, so I knew this would be mine, MINE MINE. Boohooowahahahhaa!

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Here it is off the shelf and in my foyer. It didn’t take me long to install it.

Look what I found on clearance. Woot! I am loving how it all came together.

For all you smarty pants wondering if the door is going to hit the shelf, I took care of that too by installing a barely noticeable stopper so when the door swings open it’s all good.

Aren’t you dying to see the new shelf? Ooooh yeaaaaaa…

Here it is with the carpet and the floor and my mom and dad’s 50 year old maple mirror that my older brother used to sing to himself, “I wanna kiss me all ova, and ova again” as he combed his hair while checking out his studly muscles (NOT) on his shirtless chest. Ahhh, childhood memories. (Holy crap that was a long sentence.)

Never mind that nightmare in the mirror. I have to clean up the dining area again. Grrr.

Forget about it. For now, this is all that matters…Ahhhhhhhhhh.

I love the way it turned out. I really do. I might go looking around to see if I can find a taller clear glass vase like the photo but for now, I am content. It really doesn’t take much.

What projects have you been putting off and have you waited a ridiculously long time like me?


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