Baby Steps…

Well, I keep avoiding my bathroom, but time is running out on me. The new year has begun and I promised myself I would stop wasting time, so even though I have yet to get to the master bath, I have accomplished some things around the house.

Last week I got ants in my pants, and it must have been all the Christmas decorations going back up in the attic that pushed me to action with the sofa table arrangement in the living room. It was much too cluttered. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of it, but trust me, it was a mess loaded with tons of family photos in picture frames, lamps, and knick-knacks…plus I felt it was taking up more real estate than I wanted in my already low square footage home. My solution was to take an IKEA floating shelf we previously used as a “desk” for the kids when they were little, and replace it as the sofa table, holding only the things I love. Yes, I do love my family, but I will be finding another place for those precious photos.

On top of the shelf I have my dad’s pipe and tobacco holder he brought back from Germany (during his Army days); my hubby’s stack of elephants from Hawaii (during his family’s Air Force days); wooden boxes made by my dear SIL’s sister; and photo albums. Because there are no legs on this “table” it gives the appearance of much more space and just makes the area look cleaner. I still have a lamp cord to contend with that I will make “disappear” eventually.

My lamp. That lamp was a gift from my mom. Originally I was going to purchase a new one, then realized I just needed a new lamp shade. A couple of years ago I recovered my dining table chairs. I ended up using the leftover fabric to cover the new shade I purchased at IKEA. The colors go great with our sofas and everything else I have going on in the living room (orange tones) so it was a natural fit. Isn’t it cute? I love the way it turned out. I simply cut the cloth to fit the lamp shade and used fabric glue (I already had) to secure it to the shade. I love it!

Well, that takes care of THAT little side track from getting my butt in gear from the REAL work I need to do, but, guess what? Yes, I found yet another project to tackle as well. My son needed to work on a merit badge and I needed something quick and easy for him to do. I wasn’t completely done working on the front door area either (I still had to put down the threshold to block the air from coming in under the door. So new laminate flooring got installed yesterday afternoon. I was so tired, disgusted and OVER that painted parkay floor; however, I will say that paint job lasted me a good nine years. I got the idea from my trusty BH&G magazine. I love the ideas from that publication.

Before we get to the floor, a couple of weeks ago I had to replace some tiles on the porch to cover the threshold area. I happened to have four leftover tiles in the garage saved from when I installed it years ago. Thank goodness! I chipped out the old half pieces of tile and installed four complete pieces.

Back to my new entry floor. Everyone pitched in a little, even the little ones whose job it was to rip up the old flooring. 

We cleared it all out including the coat closet which, by the way, my dear hubby uses as computer storage; but ha-ha, the joke’s on him because I’m not letting him move that junk back in there! 
Base molding was removed, moisture barrier was installed, and of course we had to cut some molding to make sure the floor would fit underneath for a nice seamless finish.
Everything was planned out and went together fairly easily. We did have some “oops” moments but nothing we didn’t overcome.
Ultimately, I think it was a great project for our son to work on and for the entire family to be involved in that improved all our lives. Well, OK, just mine because I don’t have to look at that hideous parkay floor anymore, but everyone IS excited about the new floor.

I won’t bore you with the details of how to lay down laminate flooring. There are experts out there who can do a better job than I, but I will say that it’s pretty simple process, you just have to pay attention to detail. The floor is from Costco because it was the least expensive temporary solution I could find. Eventually, we plan on installing engineered wood flooring all over the house which is why we decided to float the floor. When we are ready, it will come up super easy. Until then, my men can feel like manly men for doing a job well done.

Here are some close up shots. Dear hubby and I picked this floor because it had some texture to it and because it wasn’t too dark. It’s a hazelnut wood grain.
Check out the new baseboards installed very quickly and easily with my handy dandy new brad nail gun. I SO love that thing.
Aside from painting the trim work which won’t take long at all, this project is wrapped up, life is grand and becoming more uncluttered everyday. 

Not a bad start to the new year, huh? Next stop, bathroom vanities!


One thought on “Baby Steps…

  1. Looks great! Looking at that pic of Jared in the middle of y'all, so tall and grown up, reminded me of when we met and the boys were in Kindergarten! Time is flying!

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