Junk Mail from Hell…

This is one month of junk mail that piled up on me. Every time I sit down to attack this monstrosity I vow that I will never let it get this bad again. I make this claim every month. Out of all this mail, I get maybe one or two items out of it that really matter. The majority of our bills are automatically deducted from our account or if we use a credit card we pay it off directly via online payment method.

<——ALLLLL of this is literally JUNK! About five, FIVE full grocery bags worth of stuff I never asked for or claimed interest in that is delivered to our house each month.

This is ridiculous. I have a hard time keeping up with it because I get busy working on stuff around the house or with the kids and it gets tossed on my dining table to be dealt with later. I have already spent two hours sorting through the mess, ripping out our names and shredding so we don’t become victims of identity theft. Two hours of my life that I will never get back. Ugh…

How do you handle the deluge of junk mail in your home?


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