New Color, New Attitude…

What a gut wrenching decision it is to pick colors for your home! I don’t want to go through that again for a long, long time!

I settled on Sherwin Williams Iron Gate and I LOOOOVE it! My cousin suggested that I research Fung Shui colors for doors.The direction that the door faces determines the color you should choose. Mine faces south so I was supposed to pick orange, red, purple, pink, or wood. Yeaaaa, Iron Gate is pretty much a brown color so that’s my wooden element. It was sunny today and I took this when the sun was starting to set, so sorry for the glare…
See the long push plate I added underneath the handle to cover the ginormous hole? Looks like it was meant to be there. After drilling some holes, it is… 🙂

I will be putting our storm door back up but for now, I just wanted to enjoy the door.

Season’s Greetings!


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