Shut the Front Door…

Last Monday I decided it was time to paint the front door so I got up, made my coffee, ate breakfast and then went to take a look at it. Before I knew it I was at my local Home Depot buying a new door jamb kit and something simple had turned into a week long project. This, unfortunately,  is how some things get done in my house. It’s called a wild hair…I get one and my week is shot.

If you think that’s bad, it was worse when my husband returned home from work to find the storm door resting against the outside of the house, the old door frame sitting on the front lawn, and NO front door.

 It was about 5 o’clock when I decided it was getting dark soon and I needed much more time to work this through. I had to call in the big guns, my brother who knows electrical, mechanical, plumbing and lots of other useful handy information. I felt really bad because it was his birthday and sadly, no, there was no surprise party when he arrived at my home. I’m a horrible sister, I know.

Last week’s Facebook post: The good news is, dear husband, I’m your wife; and big brother, I’m your sister. The bad news is, I’m your wife; and your sister… 😀

I was having trouble getting the shims to stay behind the frame so I could make sure everything was level, plumb, and, square. Before my big bro arrived I spoke with a carpenter over the phone who told me I needed to put the threshold down first so I arrived back from the hardware store with a new threshold at the same time my brother arrived. It took about two hours but he was much quicker at making sure everything fit just right, especially because both dear husband and big brother can lift a solid wood door much easier than I.

The old door handle was disgusting, and I hated it. I don’t know why it took me so long to change. It wasn’t a priority until now.

I think I should mention, since the door is original to this 30 year old house, the lockset had a hole about 5 inches long!

It took me TWO days driving back and forth to different hardware and specialty stores to figure out how to cover up that stupid hole because nobody makes hardware requiring such large holes anymore. I lucked out and found me a solid, brass hardware (dark bronze) set for only $50!! I had to improvise a little by adding a push plate to the outside handle but I think it turned out quite nicely! Yes, I had to drill a couple of holes in the push plate to fit underneath the hardware. I know, the door is dirty, please excuse it. It was cleaned!


It wasn’t just the door paint that prompted me to change the entire frame. Because the house is older and settled, the door was difficult to close; the casing around the door looked bad; there was a gap at the bottom of the door almost a 1/2″ wide that let cold air seep right through the door; and the deadbolt was BARELY locking. Now that’s it’s put back together, the gaps around the door are the same all the way around, NO air gets through, and the trim looks much nicer. It still needs sanding and painting.

After all is said and done, this is one wild hair I’m glad I got because the door works SO much easier now and the handle is so nice! 
But one thing always leads to another and now I can’t stand looking at the painted parkay flooring (I painted it years ago after getting the idea from my BH&G magazine. Looks rough now.) I might tile it soon, very soon…

And if only I could decide on a color for the door…



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