Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

I got the tree up today! I wasn’t really planning on getting it done today, but I’m glad it’s up. I was contemplating going back to bed after the kids left this morning; instead I ended up going to yoga, which my body desperately needed, and running errands.

The tree I put up is slim and short, only 6.5′ tall. I bought it the year Jason had a week long hospital stay after a routine surgery to his right knee. Yea, not so routine. Anyway, I knew there was no way I was getting the huge 7.5′ tree down from the attic by myself and I found this tree at my favorite place, Costco, so I quickly snatched it up because it was the last one and I got a deal. It has turned out to be a super cute tree and I really enjoy it because it doesn’t take up a HUGE amount of space and it’s quick and easy to set up. So, I don’t set up the ginorm-O tree anymore even though I drove ALL over the entire metroplex to get the LAST one at a Kmart in Ft. Worth because it looked like a real tree and I just HAD TO HAVE IT. Oopsy. Little tree it is, simple, quick, cute. What more do I need?

I need a 7.5-8′ slim tree, that’s what! I’m going to be eyeballing them after Christmas when they’re on clearance.

Last season I purchased a bunch of cute little bird and nest decorations at Michael’s and I forgot all about them until I pulled them out of the attic. I LOVE them! They are so adorable.

I put up all my faith-based ornaments–the Mary and cute little Baby Jesus (with his little white fleece diaper on…Ricky Bobby reference), wise men, cherubs, and crosses. I put up my little birdies and nests, and then my tiny, wooden, elf-angel ornaments that my mom passed on to me. I think they are so adorable and every time I put them up I think of my mom. I love her so! 

There are bells, angels snow-skiing, sledding, and even snowmen and little Santas.

What ornaments do you put on your tree that give you fond memories?


One thought on “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

  1. Angela, I love your tree and especially your faith-based ornaments. It is so appropriate for Advent. I want one of those slimline trees, too, for my kitchen and was almost thinking of putting one up in my kitchen with 3/4 purple ornaments and 1/4 pink, but came to my senses.

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