Another Door Down. Or Up…

This past week, my goal was to get the main entry door to the bathroom completed. I did it. Yay me! I’m just finishing up painting the parts black. This is exciting for me because I can now focus my attention to the vanity area of the bathroom which I hope will go smoothly and not take too much time. Slowly but surely, I am making my way to that very needed shower!

Since I made a barn door for the closet, I was able to get the main entry door completed fairly quickly. Why am I barely painting the parts? Because life got in the way and I promised I wouldn’t kill myself with this renovation like I did with the kids’ bathroom. Incidentally,you can check out my pix on my Facebook site to see how I remodeled the kids’/guest bathroom, which I love! Of course, I didn’t do it by myself, I had to enlist some help, but the design, tiling, some very minor plumbing, and painting I did do.
Back to the door. I was going to widen the entry door to accommodate us as we get older in case we are ever wheelchair bound (I know, I’m crazy to I think about these things), but decided not to and here’s why. Since I was installing a barn door, the space that I had on the left wall could not accommodate a big enough door. Basically, I’d only gain four inches and after much thought it was just not worth the effort. We will cross the bridge of old age when it hits us, for now, we march on toward a much needed shower. I DID however, change out the door framing because I had to get rid of some nasty holes where the hinges and door plate were and because I did this I gained one whole inch of door space. 😀  Say what? 
Usually a door frame has about a half inch of space around it to make sure the door is plumb, level, and closes properly. When I removed the old frame, I fastened the new boards directly to the studs around the door giving me the extra inch. You can see where I removed the casing around the door to remove the old framing and the newly added frame. It’s all nice and neat with no holes. 
By the way, while in the process of replacing the door, I decided to update the switches too. I replaced all the ones in the bedroom and now we are out of the 70’s with those ugly vanilla colored switches. Now all I need to do is find me the paint swatch so I can touch up the paint. I also realized a battery leaked in my good camera flash and I’m having to use my little travel flash which does not swivel the way my good one does. So, pardon the mess with my photos.

After getting this part done, I added new casing and then positioned and attached the new barn style door. It’s really cool. I completely love it, it has really opened up the space so much. I still need to paint the casing which is my goal for today, but overall, the whole area is going to look great. I also have plans to attach a mirror to the door and frame it out with some molding to give it a “built-in” look. Dear husband likes the doors and the idea of the mirror. By the way, check out my groovy little stool/footrest at the bottom right. 

The footstool was a purchase from Ikea that was included in a project I did earlier this summer.  I made myself a little work desk and I really love how it turned out. It’s where I spend all my computer time. I like it because when the kids are being really loud I can just come in here and do my stuff.

Incidentally, it’s where my Chaplin spends all of his computer time too. Ta-ta for now! Meow!


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