Updating the House…

I posted the other day that I was going to be doing more writing and here I am again! Yay me! Sometimes it takes a fresh new look to get you all excited about the “old” things in your life. I mentioned that I am about to embark on another house renovation the other day. Well, along with updating my thirteen year old bathroom (which is really thirty-three years old but we’ve only lived with it for thirteen), I decided it was time to update my blog too.

I am trying to incorporate all the things that I love into this “blog” house and make it more interesting for me mentally so that I will want to spend more time here! I let go of blogging for a while because I got incredibly distracted by, ahem…Facebook. So, new look for the master bathroom, new look for the blog. I’m excited about it! Since photography is another passion of mine, I included a nice backdrop of the place where I grew up. It’s a sunny scenic view of the Franklin Mountains in El Paso, TX, “…the northern ramparts of the Paso del Norte (Pass of the North), leading from Mexico into what is now the United States”–TPWD: Franklin Mountains. We try to take the kids on a nice hike every time we return on a visit to El Paso. If you ever get a chance to visit and find yourself with some extra time, go take a hike! 🙂

Anyhoo, back to my post, I hope to incorporate more photography into my blog. Photography, general musings, cool projects that include me with a drill, hammer, or table saw in an effort to update our little castle. I have done a lot of them! I don’t know why I didn’t think about talking about the fun times I have had doing them all! I will go back and document them because I think they are really neat.

I hope to attract some actually followers too. I have finally decided to open up my blog to the Internet world, but appreciate the three people that actually do follow me. Hahahaha! Well, tell me what you think of the new look. It’s a work in progress.



2 thoughts on “Updating the House…

  1. Now you just need to cover the hardware with a shadowbox with a shelf across the top. Then paint it the same color as the wall and it will disappear.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I could do that, but the point of the barn door is to enjoy the look of the hardware. The door is going to be painted an accent color later. Thanks for the post!

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