Bento-ing Again…

So last year around this time I was searching for ways to make lunch interesting. I will admit, I kind of fizzled out, but mostly because I could not find the bentos I wanted and I just gotta have the cute ones. Luckily for me, one of my son’s friends is Japanese and his mom told me about the Japanese store, Shop Minoya, where they have alllllll the stuff! Unfortunately it was toward the end of the school year and I just let it go.

We popped over to Shop Minoya yesterday and picked out some cute Bentos boxes, got the food separators and elastic holders to keep it all closed nice and tidy.

If that wasn’t enough, last year I was looking for the Lock-n-Lock plastic-ware that I saw on many bento sites and noticed Market Street was selling some Lock-n-Lock products, unfortunately not the ones I wanted at the time. Well, I talked to the management last year and asked if they would get ahold of some for me.  This morning I was grocery shopping there and lo and behold they had a whole display of Lock-n-Lock including all the stuff I wanted! I had to go and thank the manager. I LOVE that they listen to their customers!

Here’s my loot…

The Lock-n-Lock boxes are the clear container with smaller removable divider trays inside for different lunch packing combinations. I got a big one (left) that could hold sandwiches, fruit, veggies, salad, or whatever leftovers we have from the night before. I also got a smaller one (right) that has two dividers trays. The Bentos are the yellow and bright green containers that stack and have have lids on each layer to keep the food packed nice and tight. I also purchased some little “cupcake” like food dividers, grass dividers to keep food sanitary, and the elastic wraps to put around the boxes and keep them shut.

I am hoping to get more use out of these than the last set I bought at the Container store which was just too difficult to keep food separated. You can see last year’s model here.

Just thought I would share, I’m going to try to commit to making the lunches 3 days a week. The younger kids still like to eat some of the cafeteria food so, maybe it will all work out better this go ’round.



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