I woke this morning with a smile on my face because I was blessed with a visit from Dad. I was in the middle of a busy dream when suddenly he just appeared. I can’t remember anything else about that stupid dream except that I saw him.

There I was in my kitchen facing south and looking at my brother, Mike, who was looking at me. It could have been very early evening, just before the sun started to set by the looks of the lighting in the kitchen. I guess we were having a conversation when suddenly, I looked up and there he was! I gasped from disbelief and then my mom, who was standing to my left and hard her arms around me did the same. I said, “Are you seeing what I see?” and she said, “There he is.” My dad reached out and took my hand while looking me straight in the eyes. I don’t know what he said because I was too busy trying to comprehend the moment with Mom, but I thought I saw a tear roll off his cheek. I wish I had been smart enough to just be quiet and listen.

Dad looked very healthy. He was wearing his gold rimmed glasses and a red and white smalled checkered short-sleeved shirt with some light colored khaki shorts. I remember seeing his lips move like I was being given a close-up camera shot of those lips. The same lips my granny had–small yet full– those lips that many a Navarette inherited.

No sooner had he taken my hand and I saw his face up close so clearly that I blinked and it was over. I was left with a feeling of warmth and happiness as I lay in my bed half conscious of what I had just been given. A gift. Perhaps it was my Christmas gift? It is a rarity when I get to see Dad in my dreams. I don’t know why he presents himself to me so little, but when he does, it’s truly a treasured gift.

Merry Christmas, Dad, all my love to you forever and ever.



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