Friday’s Bentos…

This is my second week of bento style lunches and I still love it! I have located some bento products online but before I purchase anything, I’m going to check out one more store in Plano.

I did not take photos of yesterday’s lunch but I thought it was really delicious. Evie didn’t agree even though it contained everything she loves, it was a hit with Joshua because he ate it all up. The main entree was a fajita sized tortilla smeared with Laughing Cow cheese, sprinkles of diced red bell pepper, slices of honey ham, another piece of cheddar cheese all rolled up and cut into bite sized portions. I added grapes, and a some chips.

Evie thought it was weird to have it in a tortilla roll, ate 3 pieces I put together on a skewer topped with a black olive, and she brought the second skewer home. I ate it and thought it was the perfect snack!

Tonight, we had pork fried rice and Evie requested I make the rice star patties again so I made extra rice. She insisted that they be plain, but I added some honey to Josh’s and made some cute faces using raisins. I had to look on the Internet for some inspiration tonight but finally figured out what to put in the lunch boxes.

Evie’s container got four small rice balls with faces (drawn on using some food coloring pens I had), honey ham and pepperoni, heart shaped cheddar cheese, celery and red pepper, a DanActive yogurt, apple and fruit roll up.

Here’s a close up of the funny faces. I think she’ll get a kick out of them.

Joshua’s box got star shaped rice with honey and raisins, honey ham, heart shaped cheddar, peanut butter celery, Dan Active yogurt, apples, and a fruit roll-up.

Well, that sounds like a lot of food in their boxes but I’m sure something will come home and I think it’s better to give them choices so they’ll eat. They may even eat it all and then if I’m lucky, by the time they get home they won’t bug me for a snack! Below you can see the cute rice faces up close.

I made a couple of extra with honey just to taste and both Jared and I agree they tasted yummy.

That’s it for this week’s bentos. I seriously can’t wait to get me some bentos supplies. I get so excited hearing about the kids experiences with them even if they didn’t exactly hold up right or if the they didn’t enjoy everything in the box. This has truly made me think of lunches in a different way.

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