Frugal Cleanliness…

I am always looking for ways to stretch a buck and I will be honest, sometimes I fail (like when we vacation); but for the most part, I consider myself a very thrifty person. I have been trying to find ways to cut back on goods and services we don’t truly need and since my sister, Shari, introduced me to the Disney Budget Board I find it interesting to see what others do to stretch their hard earned dollars.

One of the topics I had been following is how people use vinegar in their laundry, dishwasher and as an every day cleaner. I have always known the benefits of vinegar from my dear mom who uses it for everything as well, including as a hair rinse on occasion. In this particular thread though, while on the subject of laundry, someone offered their  homemade laundry soap recipe that costs a mere $10 to make, yields 450 loads, and costs about $.03 per load. Oh, and the laundry comes out cleaner than when using a manufacturer’s brand.

It has been a loooooong while since I read this thread and I vowed then that when my liquid soap ran out, I was going to try it for myself. I finally chucked the empty plastic container of liquid soap and went out today to purchase all the ingredients I needed for my homemade soap.

The recipe, which is not my own, is as follows:

Homemade Laundry Soap
1/2 bar of Fels Naptha or Ivory.
1 cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
1 cup Baking Soda
1 cup 20 Mule Team Borax

Grate the bar of soap finely or use a food processor. Mix with other ingredients and keep in a plastic container. Use 2 tbsp. per load.

While I was on my quest to find the Arm & Hammer, I had a nice chat with the ladies at the local hardware store, Elliot’s, and they knew right away what I was doing when I asked for it. I learned from them that they also make their own dish washing liquid & dishwasher soap. I’m going to try those next!

I am washing some towels with it now. I am so excited and hoping for the cleanest clothes EVER!


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