Onward with the Bento Lunches…

I’m back with my creativity for the kids’ lunches. I didn’t post photos for Thursday or Friday because Joshua forgot to bring his lunch bag home, and well, it was the first week of school and we were celebrating getting through it with McDonald’s. How’s that for healthy? HA!

I have been checking around the Internet and have decided that I really want to invest in a couple of Zojirushi Mr. Bento systems because it keeps hot food hot, and cold food cold and I truly can’t provide as many options as I want to without making the kids eat lukewarm food which they are not really partial too. In trying to think about food safety which is really important (man I wish there were a Japanese store around that carried all the equipment in one place), today, I learned How to Make Your Own Lunch Box Ice Packs. I was going to buy an ice cube pack from the Container Store but they are out of stock and since I have a vacuum sealer and dishwashing soap, I’m just going to try and make my own because I have nothing better to do anyway but scour the metroplex looking for cool bento products and ideas. Well, I could vacuum or do laundry or clean the bathrooms, but I don’t wanna.

Well, without further ado, here’s tomorrow’s lunches. I packed it, took my picture and then left the crackers and muffins out in a covered container because crackers/chips/pretzels get soggy when left in the fridge to soak up all that moisture. Also, I placed a piece of Glad Wrap over the meats/cheeses/veggies/fruit section to keep the items from falling out and keep them from touching each other. I will insert the other stuff in the morning. By the way, I did put some Fresh Fruit on the apples to stop them from browning and the juice bottles are spending the night in the freezer. The bottles are half full and in the morning I will top them off and they will do double duty as they keep the food cold and are the nice cold refreshing drink at lunchtime.

In the boxes: salami, pepperoni, Laughing Cow cheese (Josh wanted cheddar), apples, carrots and red bell pepper, wheat crackers, and some small banana bread muffins with chocolate chips made earlier today.

I’m anxious to hear how they enjoy the tasty meals I packed!


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