Day Three of the Bento Experiences…

OK, I promise not to occupy all my posts with these Bento lunches I am doing, but it’s just so fun! I am on day three and I am only going to post through Friday the different lunches I do.

I also want to note that my oldest refuses to take a reusable lunch bag so I have to pack his lunches in paper sacks and disposable plastic baggies. I don’t know how I’m going to keep his lunches interesting because it limits the food items I can send with him. I am thinking about finding a restaurant supply store to see what inexpensive options exist for disposable containers.

Today I visited the Asian Food Market on the northern end of the city to see if I could find any bento systems. I DID find a couple of options, but, I’m going to keep looking.

So without further ado, Wednesday’s lunch will consist of leftover spaghetti and meat sauce for Josh with salad, a slice of french bread (which I didn’t put in until after I took my photo), a fresh fruit cup, and some fruit gushers. Evelyn refused the spaghetti and asked for another ham sandy with chips. By the way, neither child likes tomatoes, but I needed red other than the strawberry to make the meal look appetizing. I solved this problem by using a small celery heart in Evelyn’s salad to hold three very thin slices of tomato. I am hoping she thinks they are red bell pepper, which she loves, and will accidentally eat them and discover that she actually likes tomatoes. Haha! I can only hope, right? I just put one very thin slice of tomato on Josh’s because I know he won’t touch it except to move it aside.

So that’s it! I also put some Glad Wrap over the top of the side with the salad and fruit to make sure nothing moves. Apparently, Evelyn opened her box today and all her strawberries fell on her lap! Oopsie! 🙂 Also, I need to find some tiny containers to hold the dressing so the salad doesn’t get soggy.

I should comment that I visited Josh for lunch today and he had nothing to do with the egg noodles I packed yesterday. He did, however, shove the star shaped rice patty in his mouth and gobbled it down. Everything else was scarfed down. I got reports from Evelyn that aside from accidentally opening the box the wrong way and being attacked by her fruit, that her cucumbers were a little dry and that she LOVED the rice patties too. She thought they were “cool” and definitely wants more to appear in future lunches. Seeing and hearing all this makes me want to try to inject more sweet and savory flavors in the rice.

Well, that’s all for now. Until tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Day Three of the Bento Experiences…

  1. No, no, keep updating us on this. It isn't getting old! It is INSPIRING! Let me know what you find as far as containers go.
    This is probably a stupid question, but HOW did you do the rice into a star?
    I tried this out on my kids for lunch today. It was a huuuuge hit! They gobbled everything up, and it helped me to get more good stuff into them!

  2. Tine, it was pretty easy. I took a cookie mold and put a sandwich bag over it (because I was too lazy to get the glad wrap) and then filled it with rice and pressed it down as much as I could. Then I just lifte the bag out of the mold. It came out really nice and easy. I agree, the more interesting the food looks, the cooler the kids think it is and they want to eat it. I was afraid they would consider it too cold to want to eat but that stupid rice was the excitement of their lunch!

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