Second Day of Bento Lunches…

I packed two more lunches today. I know it’s only the second day but, it doesn’t seem too hard to fill the boxes with lots of little “dishes” but, I hope I didn’t ruin them with too many different flavors.

Tomorrow’s bentos have PB&Js shaped with cookie cutters (real peanut butter…JUST  peanuts), Cheetos, grapes, strawberries, cucumbers, and a little rice leftover from dinner tonight that I shaped into a star. I put black olives in Joshua’s with some leftover egg noodles we had too. So, I got in four colors of food: red, green, blue, and orange, but technically I don’t really think the Cheetos count.

Ha ha! When they see it, my kids will either think “What?! I’m not eating that!” or, “Hey! That’s cute!” and gobble it right up from their excitement. I’ll find out tomorrow when the boxes come home!


One thought on “Second Day of Bento Lunches…

  1. Hey Angela,
    I want you to make my lunch! These look so yummy. Maybe I should try this on Dylan. Considering that he spent $8.50 on lunch today! Next week with athletics starting he'll eat breakfast there too. Geez….imagine if I had 4 growing boys! Ha! Hope all your kiddos are enjoying school. Shannon

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