Riding the Waves Together…

Eleven years of marriage to my wonderful husband have come and gone and I can’t believe it. I can still remember the night I met Jason. I remember seeing him walk up with our friend, Monica and thinking that he had an adorable smile (with dimples) and beautiful eyes. It wasn’t until later that evening that I realized he was not in fact Monica’s date, but just a friend and new to the area. Three weeks later we got back in touch with each other, went to a country dance club, and I am happy to say we have been together ever since, in total, for almost fifteen years.

I’m really very lucky to have met such an amazing person. He is a humble man, incredibly patient and kind, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I love to hear him laugh–a deep gut splitting laugh–as it makes me grin from ear to ear. I love that he is taller than me and that he knows who he is and is secure enough in himself to let me be who I am. He is always supportive and though he may not be as romantic as Prince Charming, he is romantic in his own ways. He brings me water at night; will drop everything to take care of me and the kids when I’m ill; and he does all he can to help out and manage the household duties. He has been loving enough to completely support me the past ten years so that I can stay home and care for our children–something that used to be more of a woman’s duty but now is considered, and rightly so, a privilege.

Everyday I look forward to seeing my husband, to taking care of him, to just being there for each other and to the knowledge that we share the same goals. Being on the same wave has taken some time to accomplish. It’s a big ocean out there, and sometimes we haven’t always been able to ride the same wave. Sometimes, we are waiting for the other person to catch up, perhaps drifting apart as the ocean takes us in different directions; but we paddle back, positioning each other just before the peak until the wave propels us both forward together and we find our balance.

We both know where we want to go, what is important to us and to our marriage, and we know that we want to grow old together. It’s been a true blessing having Jason in my life. I have learned so much from him and I think I have taught him a thing or two. We balance each other. Support each other. Take care of each other. He is my best friend. I am comfortable being myself with him and he with me.

Here is to another 40 years together, Jason. I love you with all I am.


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