Make the World Go Away…

By Eddie Arnold. Handsome man back in his day. I used to have a crush on him. He was a country singer and I remember my mom listening to his album on her Zenith hi-fi stereophonic phonograph. I remember it like it was yesterday, being only five and in kindergarten. This is one of my fondest childhood memories.

I remember walking home from school, taking my time as I walked along the sidewalk on the path back to my house. I remember looking around to see if anyone was watching because there was this one little house that I always passed by with a chainlinked fence and just on the other side of it, right next to the sidewalk, was a rose bush. If I was lucky, a rose would be blooming. If no one was around, I would pick it and run off! That beautiful rose of course was for my mommy. Once I knew I was safe and around the corner finding no one chasing after me for that stolen rose, I settled back down to walking.

After finally entering my home sweet home, I could hear the phonograph playing good ol’ Eddie Arnold.  “Make the woooorrld go away! And get off my shoulders…” I still remember seeing mom baking cookies with all her supplies spread out before her on the tiny counterspace she had to do all her baking. The light underneath the cabinets was on because the day was overcast. I didn’t forget to give mom her flower before walking over to the phonograph.

I remember looking at that album cover so many times. Eddie decked out in a tux with a black bow tie. He was such a looker! I loved to look at him and hear him sing. I still do! When I think back on that memory, it brings me such a warm feeling and being a mom now myself, it has made me want to create that moment for my children many times over. Mom used to bake a lot. Now I bake for my children. Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing that I have been able to give those same moments to my children and that I can be here when they get home with cookies coming out of the oven. But only when I’m not feeling bloated and feel fit in my jeans! Ha!

Thanks for the memories, Mom! And now for some Eddie Arnold. Listen to his song!


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