Back to School Training…

School is right around the corner and I decided that I didn’t want to suffer the pains of walking around like a zombie the entire first week so instead, I am a suffering zombie this week. The kids are proving very difficult to wake up since their bodies are used to waking close to midday from staying up so late during the summer months.

Yesterday I managed to coax them out of bed by offering a trip to Dunkin‘ Donuts. Today, was not so easy even though they were ready for bed early last night. I kissed them wildly, open their blinds, turned on their lights, was annoyingly loud in more ways than one. It was fun pacing back and forth through their rooms banging a big serving spoon against a metal pan! They finally succumbed and rose out of bed, but unfortunately, if this had NOT been a drill they would have missed the bus. Oh well, at least they are getting used to being up early again.

Tomorrow is another day and I see a blow horn if their future…hehehe. THAT should be fun! 🙂


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