Amazing Grace…

God is amazing. Anytime I feel like I’ve had enough and I just can’t take anymore of my own personal struggles, God puts it all down in front of me…His Word. There is no mistaking that He knows me. He knows every single one of us because He created us. But I am always amazed by the grace He gives to me especially when I need it the most. Isn’t that the time when we need Him the most though, when we are struggling?

All I have to do is open His book, go to mass, or just chat with a friend, and there it is…He puts me right back in my place and tells me exactly what I need to hear to get over my obstacle.

God is goodness and love and light. Leaving mass today I had a new heart and peace of mind because I knew He was speaking to me. The beauty of it all is that He was speaking to everyone and I’m sure the entire congregation received their own personal message from Him today. If not, well, I don’t think they were listening!

My props to my Savior, the Almighty, the Creator, the ONE and ONLY.


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