Come to My Window…

For the feathered friends that come to my kitchen window.

Come to my window little bird.
Do not hesitate and go away.
Let my offerings satisfy your appetite
for a chance to gaze upon you in delight.

Take the nectar, seeds, and fruit.
Rest within the flowers planted beneath the feeder.
With curiosity, our eyes meet; yet do not be anxious little friend.
Let me hastily spy your beauty, before you quickly do ascend.

Come, little sparrow, bring all your friends,
the cardinal, blue jay, finch and dove!
Feed upon the gifts I give so that
I may look on you with love.

Oh please?
Let me hear the softness of your coo,
and the arrangements of your melodies.
Let me see the feathery plumes upon your head,
and your glorious wingspan as they spread.


Come little bird! Come to my view!
Let me see the brilliance and luminance
of your green, violet, orange and red hues
then watch you flee away in flight
as my excitement you enthuse.


As you hurriedly retreat after you’ve fed
gently gliding across the sky,
you leave me filled with such joy.
Though you may take, you also give.
You may steal away from out of sight,
but you are ever present gracing with me your song till night.




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