One Week into Summer…

So far, we haven’t done a thing! I have grandiose plans to spend time with my children and now I need to do it!

I am only doing so so on limiting the TV and computer but I have limited them. I am also hoping to be playing a lot more board games with them too. So far, we have enjoyed playing some Blokus and Yahtzee. They LOVE the Yahtzee and I love it too because it requires that they add up their own scores at the end of the game so it’s a great exercise for them. So far, I am failing miserably on getting them to read consistently everyday, but I will work on that. It is only because we usually always read before bedtime and bedtime has also not been at a consistant hour either.

School starts for Evie next week; summer camp for Jared in two weeks; and Joshua, well, we need to enroll him in something fun.

At least I have my exercise classes! 🙂


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