Busy Days…

It has been so long since I posted! I would like to say that it has been because I have been super busy, and I have, but I think it has also been because of my new fascination with keeping up with friends and family on Facebook. It’s my new guilty pleasure.

School days are winding down for both me and my children and as we head to the end of the school year, it seems like SO much is being packed into the last weeks! Everyone is exhausted from having to wake early in the morning and going to bed late at night due to extra curricular activities…baseball, basketball, volunteer meetings, scouting, etc… yeah, we are ready for a long break.

I registered my baby boy for kindergarten just a few weeks ago and I can’t believe he will be leaving me all day. We have been talking about how lonely I’m going to be and how I won’t have him around to make me laugh during the day. I’m really sad that he’s going to be leaving me…he’s my company, but on the other hand, I’m happy for him because I know he is ready. My oldest baby is getting ready to enter middle school and he’s growing up so fast and becoming so much more independent. And my middle baby…she is sprouting up and turning into a beautiful, intelligent young lady. I think I want to cry…

I just wanted to post a little to remind myself of “the goings on” in this house so I can look back and appreciate all the busy-ness after I’m left to myself in my empty nest!


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