I Love You More…

You can hate me all you want
Just because I tell you “No.”
But to give into to every whim,
my child, would be a bigger sin.

What kind of parent would I be
If I gave you all you wanted?
It’s my job to set the limits now
And of this I do avow:

To help you grow and learn just how
to make all those countless choices
that you’ll face the day you’re on your own;
to work through all those tough decisions
when you have gone and grown.

It’s not my job to be your friend,
But your teacher, tough and strong.
And hopefully someday good child
You’ll see I was not wrong.

So go ahead and scream my ears off ‘til they fall.
Go ahead and slam the door and hide away from me.
Go ahead and say you hate me ‘til you’re blue in the face.
Go ahead and kick your feet, and your fists at me do shake.

I was young once too dear child.
I did all the things you do
And I got mad at MY parents too.
Just know this, that in saying “no”,
it does not mean that I do abhor,
But rather, ONLY that I love you all the more .



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