On Dancing With the Stars…

OK, Clorice Leachman is hilarious. I cannot believe she is 82 and she is so active!!! Yea Clorice!
Who sucked rocks:
  • That Kim Kar character has all the sex appeal of a piece of plywood lying on the ground.
  • Susan Lucci, I am sorry, but I expected waaaaaaaaaay more from her. She was just as bad as Kim.
  • I felt bad for that Maurice Green guy. Is that his name? Great personality, but he can’t dance.
  • Misty May, are we sure she isn’t a man? Awesome volleyball player, but in a real woman’s outfit she just looks wrong.
  • 18 year old Hannah Montana punk. PULEEEAASE, comb your hair the other way!!!!!!!! He is SO out of his league with Julliane. Haha!
  • Rocco Chef, did you actually dance or just stand there?
  • Lance Bass, your partner sucks and so do you…wait a minute…Hahahaha!

Who I loved:

  • Clorice!
  • Big a** football player…who knew he could have twinkle toes?
  • Singer lady, Tori Braxton(?), she was good. Are we sure she hasn’t danced before?
  • Brooke Burke, she was good and she has one of the best choreographers. I LOVE MAX!!!

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