Could It Be…

That I am PMSing ALREADY???!!? I woke up today in a GREAT mood until my daughter started in with her limp-limb crybaby routine about NOTHING, and my youngest started getting upset with his STUPID shoes. I officially hate his Velcro Scetchers and want to throw them in the trash. He is totally OCD about having those things stuck in a specific way, in a precise manner, without a bump and NO velcro showing whatsoever. ARGH! So, THEN, I can’t find anything to wear to workout in, why? Because I have already used the five workout bras that I own and the three, pair of comfortable running shorts I have in my workout drawer. THEN, my husband calls me on the phone 40 times while I am talking with someone else. OK, if I don’t answer the phone the first THREE times you call, THEN I MUST BE ON THE PHONE WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!!!! STOP CALLING!!!!!!! I WILL CALL YOU BACK because I KNOW IT’S TRIVIAL!!!!!!

Sigh, BIG relaxing sigh…I digress. I ponder, I wonder…could it be I am PMSing because everything is bothering me today? I have two weeks to go, and if I am, my poor family is in for one helluva ride. If I had a Zanax I would take one. I need to chilax and put everything into perspective…
Here it is, I am being bitchy and just need to get over it!


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